Blessed Journeys     

"We are all on blessed journeys back to Source"


Healing Space

I am a fully qualified, insured and registered Clinical Psychologist. I offer a warm, non-judgemental and containing reflective space to support your healing process.. I believe that creating psychological safety through professional, respectful, ethical and reliable working practices is very important and It is my priority to ensure you are adequately supported and resourced to engage safely in the therapeutic process. 

I offer psychological therapies including EMDR (eye-movement, desensitisation and reprocessing), compassion focused Therapies and I work from an integrative approach. I specialise in complex post traumatic stress disorder.

I have had 23 years experience in health and social care,, 9 of those were post-Doctoral qualification within secondary care in an adult mental health team in the NHS. 

Reflections on the healing Process

My observation is that we are all on a journey away from conditioning which keeps us small, afraid and feeling unworthy, towards realising that we are AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL AND unlimited beings. I have also seen that we have a number of very important birthrights, including JOY, ABUNDANCE and PEACE. These can feel a long way away at times, but when we get beyond thought and into presence, we can quickly tap into the peace "which passes understanding." 

You may have noticed lately that LIFE is preparing and teaching you to do this clearing of old conditioning? Whatever blocks the flow of our abundant, positive natures is being shown to us now. I believe a benevolent aspect of creation shows, pushes, encourages and reminds us all the time,. 

To illustrate this, opportunities to heal seem to come up perfectly through those repeating patterns we see: 

  • Familiar relationships dynamics
  • Compulsive reactions
  • Triggering of fears
  • Repeating 'messages' (things which are suddenly meaningful to us or we 'randomly' see three times)
  • Our dreams
All of these can show us where we may have healing work to do on ourselves. 

As a friend once said "Resistance is FERTILE!". When we come face to face with our energetic contractions we can recognise them as an opportunity to go within to understand, love, heal and release them, and to reintegrate the lost aspects which have been stuck in lower energies. 

In the space left behind we can integrate the new loving and expansive perspectives we have gained instead. 

Throughout this non-judgemental clearing process, learning to accept, and find compassion and love for ourselves and especially our shadows, is important for so many reasons. 

I really believe that being kind to ourselves right now is imperative.

I can help you to traverse this sometimes challenging clearing process. 

I offer some insights I have found during my own journey below:


we always need to honour and accept where we are RIGHT NOW, as that is our most Blessed and possibly only real doorway to TRUTH and grounded spiritual development. 

This can be challenging if we have been caught up in striving; taking a breath to tune into our heart's truth can be scary if we were criticised as children. But by tuning into ourselves we can know ourselves, Then we can also more accurately and sensitively support and love ourselves. 

Only then can we really know others, and offer them sustainable friendship and support based on healthy balanced relating (rather than rescue or dependency).  


Learning to embody self-acceptance and self-compassion means we are aligning with the ways of the Soul and Higher Self. This is not selfish or self-indulgent, and it does not mean we are not going to move forwards anymore; quite the opposite! Now we are there for ourselves, encouraging ourselves gently. Now we stop projecting our own internalised self-judgements into expectations of criticism and rejection from others and we begin to recognise that we are not alone - we are actually surrounded by a host of loving support....... and we come to realise we are worthy of this. As we believe in ourselves our confidence returns and we are free to express our truth.

When we make a commitment to love ourselves and begin to act on it we start to open up. 
as we release inner (and outer) conflict we find we have so much more energy to devote to manifesting a wonderful life for ourselves. 

In addition
when we establish the inner safety that comes from accepting all of ourselves, we move into the realm where our playful, tender and innocent inner-child appears from the (faced and released) shadows; then we find ourselves venturing out into the world with more trust, joy, peace, sensitivity, creativity, wisdom and clarity, and we find ourselves feeling free to explore, learn and play, and to just enjoy being!

This blessing is truly open to all of us!

Lastly, when we find and honour the beautiful truth -  the LOVE at the Heart of our Being, and at the Heart of All Life, we are FREE, we know ourselves, and we can live in the divine flow of love that permeates us!

Energy Therapies

Whereas energy therapies may have been dismissed by some in the past, there is now physical evidence (Darras, Vernjoul, & Albarhde, 1992) for the energy meridian system of the body. This hard evidence was found using a gamma ray camera tracking radioactive tracers injected into accupoints, revealing how they travelled in the pathways exactly as they had been presented for thousands of years in traditional Eastern medicine and acupuncture, as well as energy therapies in general (rather than dispersing randomly)

research investigating hands-on-healing using a machine called a 'SQUID magnetometer' (designed to study weak human bio-magnetic fields) found that the hands of a therapeutic touch practitioner produced a huge biomagnetic field upon entering a meditative state, so much that the sensors had to be recalibrated during the experiments so that a meaningful recording could be made as the readings constantly hit the ceiling (Oschman, 2000). 

Healing and acupuncture is practised in the NHS now, and the sophisticated energy therapy, acupuncture, is listed as helpful for 50 over conditions by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Lemurian Healing

Lemurian Healing® works with the body's energy meridian system using the hands, It supports reconnection with the Higher self's unique frequency and this activates realignment with the divine blueprint. Because of this it is energetically powerful, working on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. often healing is about facing, integrating and releasing energies which  overwhelmed in the past, from this and other timelines. The healing session involves an energy scan and focussed healing for any issues you bring.

I offer Lemurian Healing®, both in person and distantly.  It is a very gentle but profoundly effective energy therapy, having trained in this beautiful modality in August 2014 with Mamiko Maridiana and David Bower from Hawaii and Through experiencing it first hand, as well as whilst gaining over 60 hours of 1-1 Lemurian Healing practice since becoming a practitioner, I can attest to its power, scope and depth. 

Therapies On Offer


1-1 Sessions: 

Integrative Psychological Therapy  (skype/ in person) and/ or Lemurian Healing (in person) =  £65 per 1.5  hour session

Distant Lemurian Healing = £35 (email correspondence) 


3 x 1-1 sessions booked = £175 (Skype/ 'phone or in person).

3 x sessions of Distant Lemurian Healing = £90 

Learn more about Lemurian healing here (from David and Mamiko's Lemurian Healing Website).


Darras, J. C., Vernjoul, P. & Albarhde, P.  (1992) A Study on the migration of radioactive tracers injected at acupoints. American Journal of Acupuncture, 20(3).

Oschman, J. L. (2000) Energy Mediciine: The Scientific Basis. New York. Churchill Livingstone.

With David Bower and Mamiko Maridiana at Lemurian Healing Practitioner Training, August 2014.